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About Me

Who am I


My name is Chad Burke, I have served in the armed forces for over 22 years feeling the need to give back to this great nation and it's beauty. I still have the same giving mindset only giving back in different ways. I am blessed to be with my wife for 23 years and we have 3 beautiful children. I a dedicated to helping others, random acts of kindness and making our world a better place. My experience in classrooms, conferences and groups has allowed me the greatest opportunities to create positive changes in lives. I started hypnosis (don't run away, keep reading it gets in 2013 and have conducted private sessions, workshops, teams, keynote speaker and even performed fun stage hypnosis, my ways of giving! 

I believe...

"Most People are Good"

What I Do



Keynote Speaker, Stage Hypnotist or both, Chad shares his experiences and tells his story how each individual makes the world a better place. He also uses the power of suggestion through hypnosis to demonstrate your untapped potential for success. He has a contagious and positive energy that empowers and motivates teams and individuals to achieve a positive mindset, reduce stress, develop leadership skills and close deals with confidence. 

"Hypnosis": a focused, relax state of concentration, which really means you're chilled out, listening and optimizing your brain to it's max. This allows you to maximize your ability at the most critical time which is key to success and that's why I'me here.

 "Don't Stop Believing"

Hypnosis Entertainment / Speaker


As a speaker, hypnotist and leader, Chad will help you bring new life and laughs to your next event. Whether it's for a workshop, keynote presentation or a fun hypnosis stage act, Chad will ensure that your event is customized  specifically for you and your needs.


School Assemblies/Fundraiser/Project Graduation 

Sports Team: Peak Performance/Laser Focus/Team Building 

Corporate: Leadership Development, Sales

or just for FUN we have your solution.


"Always Stay Humble and Kind"


Embrace Yourself


What is it that is holding you back or keeping you from being your best? My presentation is built on personal experiences and experiences of others yet customized for you. I will help you and your team recognize the potentials  held inside and shape a better tomorrow. 

I believe "Most People are Good", and we should "Stay Humble & Kind" and "Don't Stop Believing" but most of all, live everyday with gratitude. 

The Real Connection


My interactive presentation will bring your team together, make them laugh yet walk away realizing their potential. While working with teams all over the world, I have seen the effects that connect a team and individuals amounts themselves or others outside of your organization. A simple greeting, engaging in a small conversation or a simple smile can be life changing! 

Your Ability Within


Your mind is underestimated. The power of influence, decisions you make and your own personal limitations shape who you are and your potential. Did you know your actions and decisions are a make up of the 5 people you are closest with? It's amazing the ability we hold in side and that we create our own and largest obstacles that hold us back and I can show you exactly what I am talking about. I will demonstrate your ability, the power of influence and break down those barriers to show you your personal and teams full potential for success!  


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